OpenGL extension MESA.ycbcr_texture
This module customises the behaviour of the OpenGL.raw.GL.MESA.ycbcr_texture to provide a more Python-friendly API
Overview (from the spec)
This extension supports texture images stored in the YCbCr format. There is no support for converting YCbCr images to RGB or vice versa during pixel transfer. The texture's YCbCr colors are converted to RGB during texture sampling, after-which, all the usual per-fragment operations take place. Only 2D texture images are supported (not glDrawPixels, glReadPixels, etc).
A YCbCr pixel (texel) is a 16-bit unsigned short with two components. The first component is luminance (Y). For pixels in even-numbered image columns, the second component is Cb. For pixels in odd-numbered image columns, the second component is Cr. If one were to convert the data to RGB one would need to examine two pixels from columns N and N+1 (where N is even) to deduce the RGB color.
The official definition of this extension is available here: