OpenGLContext Python Tutorials

Introduction to Shaders (Lighting)

This is a low-level introductory tutorial path. It is intended for those who have either never done 3D graphics with OpenGL, or who have only done "legacy" OpenGL rendering (i.e. you learned OpenGL before about 2007). It walks through the development of low-level code to perform Blinn-Phong rendering of DirectionalLights, PointLights and SpotLights as well as the basics of geometric rendering (with Vertex Buffer Objects).

Scenegraph Nodes

This is a high-level introductory tutorial path. It is intended to introduce the OpenGLContext/VRML97 scenegraph engine. It demonstrates more involved rendering tasks, but with far less detail than the Introduction to Shaders tutorial. It does not attempt to describe how the effects are achieved, just how to achieve them.

Depth-map Shadows

These tutorials describe how to setup modern shadow-map-based shadow-casting. These are fairly advanced tutorials which assume you are comfortable with OpenGL.

NeHe Translations

These tutorials are translations of the famous "NeHe" series of tutorials. These are low-level introductory tutorials which generally use the legacy OpenGL API. The linked original tutorials are very gentle and thorough.