VRML97-specific customisations and support
Includes a full VRML97 parser and lineariser
for SimpleParse 2.0.x

Package Contents
        __init__ -- VRML97-specific customisations and support
basenamespaces -- Base namespace for VRML97
basenodes -- Base VRML97 node prototypes
linearise -- object for linearizing a scene graph to VRML97
nodepath -- Node-paths for VRML97 incl. transform-matrix calculation
nodetypes -- VRML97 semantic node-types
nurbs -- Node definitions for the VRML97 nurbs extension proposal
parseprocessor -- SimpleParse post-processor builds node-graph from parse-tree
parser -- VRML97-compliant SimpleParse 2.0 Parser
scenegraph -- Scenegraph node-like "prototype" for VRML97
script -- VRML97 Script-node stub
shaders -- Node definitions for a non-standard Programable Shaders extension
transformmatrix -- Utility module for creating transformation matrices

        __file__ = '/home/mcfletch/pylive/vrml/vrml97/__init__.pyc'
__name__ = 'vrml.vrml97'
__path__ = ['/home/mcfletch/pylive/vrml/vrml97']