vrml (version 2.2.0a7)

VRML Directed Acyclic Graph library and VRML97 tools
This package is a partial representation of VRML97
node and prototype semantics based loosely on the
original mcf.vrml processing engine by the author.
It is strongly dependent on the Python 2.2.2 property
class, and as such will not likely be portable to
earlier python versions.
The package includes a full VRML97 parser and
lineariser based on the SimpleParse 2.0 parsing engine
(also by the author).
The vrml.vrml97 sub-package contains classes and
functions specifically relating to the VRML97 ISO
standard.  For instance, the vrml.vrml97.basenodes
file contains the "prototypes" for most of the
built-in nodes in the official specification.

Package Contents
        __init__ -- VRML Directed Acyclic Graph library and VRML97 tools
arrays -- Abstraction point allowing use with numpy or Numeric
cache -- Caching mechanism for scene graph
copier -- Object representing node-copying pass
csscolors -- Module to allow using strings to specify colors
event -- Routable event base-class for VRML environments
field -- property sub-class providing VRML field semantics
fieldtypes -- Definitions of the standard VRML97 field-types
node -- Base-class for scenegraph nodes
nodepath -- Representation and manipulation of scenegraph paths
olist -- Observable list class
protofunctions -- Functions for manipulating prototypes (node classes)
protonamespace -- Trivial dict sub-class to hold prototype definitions
route -- ROUTE and ISRoute Implementations (event-processing)
vrml200x (package)
vrml97 (package) -- VRML97-specific customisations and support
weakkeydictfix -- Module providing patched weakkeydictionary operation
weaklist -- list sub-class which holds weak references to objects
weaktuple -- tuple sub-class which holds weak references to objects

        __author__ = 'Michael Colin Fletcher'
__file__ = '/home/mcfletch/pylive/vrml/__init__.pyc'
__license__ = 'BSD-style, see license.txt for details'
__name__ = 'vrml'
__path__ = ['/home/mcfletch/pylive/vrml']
__version__ = '2.2.0a7'

        Michael Colin Fletcher