ttfquery (version 1.0.3)

Fonttools package for querying and sorting system fonts

Package Contents
        __init__ -- Fonttools package for querying and sorting system fonts
describe -- Extract meta-data from a font-file to describe the font
family_query -- Query for font-members of a particular family
findsystem -- Find system fonts (only works on Linux and Win32 at the moment)
font_family_groups -- Demo script to print ordered set of system fonts
glyph -- Representation of a single glyph including contour extraction
glyphquery -- Glyph-specific queries on font-files
guessdescription -- Heuristic attempting to extract descriptions from font names
metadata_query -- Query for meta-data for a given font
ttffiles -- Registry of available TrueType font files

        __file__ = '/home/mcfletch/pylive/ttfquery/__init__.pyc'
__name__ = 'ttfquery'
__path__ = ['/home/mcfletch/pylive/ttfquery']
__version__ = '1.0.3'