Retained-mode object hierarchy based (loosely) on VRML 97 nodes
This package provides "retained-mode" objects which can be
easily rendered within OpenGLContext Contexts.
The implementations of the objects are fairly straightforward
with the idea that users will browse the source of the objects
to see how they can implement similar functionality in their own
systems.  There is little optimization in the nodes provided.
Note that much of the work of rendering is accomplished by the
rendervisitor module, rather than individual nodes.  The node-
classes merely have the node-specific customisations needed to
support their individualised operation.
    VRML 97 International Standard

Package Contents
        __init__ -- Retained-mode object hierarchy based (loosely) on VRML 97 nodes
appearance -- Appearance node based on VRML 97 model
arraygeometry -- Vertex-array-based geometry node for faces, lines and points
background -- VRML97 Background node, with image cube and gradient sphere
basenodes -- Convenience module for working with scenegraph nodes
billboard -- VRML97 Billboard-node stub
boundingvolume -- Bounding volume implementation
box -- Box node for use in geometry attribute of Shapes
collision -- Non-functional Collision node to allow loading content using the node
coordinate -- Box node for use in geometry attribute of Shapes
coordinatebounded -- Mix-in for geometry classes where coordinate==bounding volume
cubebackground -- Panoramic image-cube Background node
extrusions -- GLE-based extrusion node-types
gear -- Gear node for use in geometry attribute of Shapes
group -- Light-weight grouping object based on VRML 97 Group Node
grouping -- Common implementation for grouping-type nodes
imagetexture -- ImageTexture and MMImageTexture nodes using PIL
indexedfaceset -- Indexed Face-set VRML97 node implemented using ArrayGeometry
indexedlineset -- IndexedLineSet VRML97 node implemented using display-lists
indexedpolygons -- Indexed data array geometry type
inline -- VRML97 Inline node
interpolators -- Interpolator code for OpenGLContext
light -- Standard Light-node types
lod -- VRML97 Level-of-Detail node
material -- Node specifying rendering properties affecting the lighting model
mouseover -- Simple node for constructing mouse-over functionality
nodepath -- node-path implementation for OpenGLContext
nurbs -- Nurbs-rendering nodes based on VRML97 Nurbs extension
pointset -- Geometry type for "point-arrays" w/ colour support
polygon -- Holder for metadata regarding a polygon
polygonsort -- Polygon sorting support functions for ArrayGeometry
polygontessellator -- Class for tessellating polygons using GLU
quadrics -- Quadratic geometry types (cone, sphere, cylinder, etc)
scenegraph -- Scenegraph node
shaders -- Shader node implementation
shape -- Renderable geometry composed of a geometry object with applied appearance
simplebackground -- Solid-color background node
spherebackground -- Gradient-sphere background node
switch -- VRML97 Switch node
teapot -- Teapot node for use in geometry attribute of Shapes
text (package) -- text-rendering interfaces
texturetransform -- VRML97-style TextureTransform node
timesensor -- VRML97 TimeSensor node
transform -- VRML97-style Transform node
vertex -- Low-level holder for vertex information
viewpoint -- VRML97 Viewpoint node

        __file__ = '/home/mcfletch/pylive/OpenGLContext/scenegraph/__init__.pyc'
__name__ = 'OpenGLContext.scenegraph'
__path__ = ['/home/mcfletch/pylive/OpenGLContext/scenegraph']