OpenGLContext (version 2.1.0a10)

Rendering contexts for various GUI libraries, scene graph
geometry objects, and PyOpenGL testing code
The OpenGLContext project provides a simplified environment
for writing OpenGL code with PyOpenGL.  This simplified
environment abstracts the GUI library interfaces for a
large number of GUI libraries to allow the easy creation of
cross platform and cross-GUI-OpenGL programs.
The project also provides simplified geometry display
primitives to allow new developers to concentrate on the
particular task in which they are interested rather than
forcing them to re-implement basic geometry display
Taking advantage of this simplified environment, we have
provided a number of testing modules.  These testing
modules should operate under any of the fully functional
GUI contexts (note that there are unfinished contexts).

Package Contents
arrays -- Abstraction point allowing OpenGLContext to be used with numpy or Numeric
atlas -- Texture atlas implementation
bin (package)
browser (package) -- OpenGLContext "browser" components for wxPython
context -- Abstract base class for all rendering contexts
contextdefinition -- Definition of a Context's visual parameters
debug (package) -- OpenGL debugging utility functions/classes
displaylist -- Holder for a single display-list
doinchildmatrix -- Perform python function within MODELVIEW child matrix
dragwatcher -- Semantics for fractional and absolute dragging
drawcube -- Low level testing function (draw a cube)
events (package) -- Event classes and event-processing mechanisms
extensionmanager -- Object managing OpenGL extension loading for a Context
framecounter -- Simple node holding Frame-counting values
frustum -- View frustum modeling as series of clipping planes
glutcontext -- Context functionality using the GLUT windowing API
glutinteractivecontext -- Interactive context using the GLUT API (provides navigation support)
gluttestingcontext -- Testing context for GLUT API, providing default context class and main loop
glutvrmlcontext -- VRML97 context for GLUT
glutvrmltestingcontext -- VRML97 context for GLUT
interactivecontext -- Mix-in providing event registration and management
loaders (package) -- Various data format loaders
move (package)
passes (package)
plugins -- OpenGLContext plugin classes
pygamecontext -- Context functionality within the PyGame environment
pygameinteractivecontext -- Interactive context using the PyGame API (provides navigation support)
pygametestingcontext -- Testing context for PyGame API, providing default context class and main loop
pygamevrmlcontext -- Testing context for PyGame API, providing default context class and main loop
quaternion -- Simple module providing a quaternion class for manipulating rotations easily.
resources (package) -- Design-time for resourcepackage
scenegraph (package) -- Retained-mode object hierarchy based (loosely) on VRML 97 nodes
shadow (package) -- Stencil-buffer-based shadowing implementation
testingcontext -- Functions for acquiring and instantiating available testing contexts
texture -- Resource-manager for textures (with PIL conversions)
texturecache -- Cache of compiled textures for a context
trackball -- Classic trackball mechanism for interactive rotation
triangleutilities -- Utility functions for processing triangle vertex arrays
utilities -- Simple utility functions that should really be in a C module
vectorutilities -- Utilities for processing arrays of vectors
visitor -- Traversal objects for Contexts and scenegraphs
vrmlcontext -- VRML97-aware Context Mix-in
wxcontext -- Context functionality under the wxPython GUI environment
wxinteractivecontext -- Interactive context using the wxPython API (provides navigation support)
wxtestingcontext -- Testing context for the wxPython API, providing default context class and main loop
wxvrmlcontext -- Testing context for PyGame API, providing default context class and main loop

        __author__ = 'Michael Colin Fletcher'
__file__ = '/home/mcfletch/pylive/OpenGLContext/__init__.pyc'
__license__ = 'BSD-Style, see license.txt for details and exceptions'
__name__ = 'OpenGLContext'
__package__ = 'OpenGLContext'
__path__ = ['/home/mcfletch/pylive/OpenGLContext']
__version__ = '2.1.0a10'
suffix = '4i'

        Michael Colin Fletcher