Event classes and event-processing mechanisms
This package defines a set of "local" event classes which are
to be used by client applications.  These include keyboard,
keypress, mousebutton and mousemove events.  The package also
defines a set of modules which translated from GUI events/
callbacks to the local event classes.  Finally, the package
provides mix in functionality for contexts to provide event
handling callback registration.

Package Contents
        __init__ -- Event classes and event-processing mechanisms
event -- Base class for all OpenGLContext event objects.
eventhandlermixin -- Mix in functionality for Context classes needing event support
eventmanager -- Abstract base class for all event managers.
glutevents -- Module providing translation from GLUT callbacks to OpenGLContext events
internaltime -- Track a (potentially scaled) time with respect to an external time
keyboardevents -- Event classes and manager relating to the keyboard
mouseevents -- Events relating to the mouse
networkevents -- Event classes and manager relating to (PyQNet) networking
pygameevents -- Module providing translation from pygame events to OpenGLContext events
systemtime -- Provides function generating a "real world" time signature
timeeventgeneratormanager -- Object which manages the registration and deregistration of timed event generators
timeevents -- Events relating to time and timers
timer -- EventManager providing vcr-like control of an InternalTime object
tkevents -- Module providing translation from Tkinter events to OpenGLContext events
wxevents -- Module providing translation from wxPython events to OpenGLContext events

        __file__ = '/home/mcfletch/pylive/OpenGLContext/events/__init__.pyc'
__name__ = ''
__path__ = ['/home/mcfletch/pylive/OpenGLContext/events']