OpenGL extension ARB.fragment_shader
This module customises the behaviour of the OpenGL.raw.GL.ARB.fragment_shader to provide a more Python-friendly API
Overview (from the spec)
This extension adds functionality to define fragment shader objects. A fragment shader object is a shader object (see the ARB_shader_objects extension) that, when attached to a program object, can be compiled and linked to produce an executable that runs on the fragment processor in OpenGL. The fragment processor is a programmable unit that replaces the OpenGL 1.4 fixed-function texturing, color sum and fog stages. This extension also defines how such an executable interacts with the fixed functionality fragment processing of OpenGL 1.4. The language used to write fragment shaders is not discussed here. That language is defined in the OpenGL Shading Language specification as the Fragment Shading Language.
The official definition of this extension is available here: