query the properties of a sync object


glGetSynciv( GLsync ( sync ) , GLenum ( pname ) , GLsizei ( bufSize ) , GLsizei *( length ) , GLint *( values ) )-> void
glGetSync( sync , pname , bufSize = 1 , length = None , values = None )
Wrapper around glGetSynciv that auto-allocates buffers
    sync -- the GLsync struct pointer (see glGetSynciv)
    pname -- constant to retrieve (see glGetSynciv)
    bufSize -- defaults to 1, maximum number of items to retrieve,
        currently all constants are defined to return a single 
    length -- None or a GLint() instance (ONLY!), must be a byref()
        capable object with a .value attribute which retrieves the 
        set value
    values -- None or an array object, if None, will be a default 
        return-array-type of length bufSize
    returns values[:length.value], i.e. an array with the values set 
    by the call, currently always a single-value array.
glGetSynciv( sync , pname , bufSize , length , values )


Specifies the sync object whose properties to query.
Specifies the parameter whose value to retrieve from the sync object specified in sync .
Specifies the size of the buffer whose address is given in values .
Specifies the address of an variable to receive the number of integers placed in values .
Specifies the address of an array to receive the values of the queried parameter.

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