specify which color buffers are to be drawn into


glDrawBuffer( GLenum ( mode ) )-> void
glDrawBuffer( mode )
glDrawBuffers( n , bufs )
glDrawBuffers( bufs ) -> bufs

    Wrapper will calculate n from dims of bufs if only
    one argument is provided...


Specifies up to four color buffers to be drawn into. Symbolic constants GL_NONE , GL_FRONT_LEFT , GL_FRONT_RIGHT , GL_BACK_LEFT , GL_BACK_RIGHT , GL_FRONT , GL_BACK , GL_LEFT , GL_RIGHT , and GL_FRONT_AND_BACK are accepted. The initial value is GL_FRONT for single-buffered contexts, and GL_BACK for double-buffered contexts.

Sample Code References

The following code samples have been found which appear to reference the functions described here. Take care that the code may be old, broken or not even use PyOpenGL.

OpenGLContext tests/ Lines: 140, 161
OpenGL-Demo PyOpenGL-Demo/proesch/stereo/ Lines: 78, 81, 85, 95