OpenGL (version 3.0.0a5)

ctypes-based OpenGL wrapper for Python
This is the PyOpenGL 3.0.0 tree, it attempts to provide
a largely compatible API for code written with the 
PyOpenGL 2.x series using the ctypes foreign function 
interface system.

Package Contents
        AGL (package)
GL (package) -- OpenGL.GL, the core GL library and extensions to it
GLE (package) -- GL Extrusion Routine Library (GLE) wrapper for OpenGL-ctypes
GLU (package) -- The GLU library implementation via ctypes
GLUT (package) -- The GLUT library implementation via ctypes
GLX (package) -- Platform-specific functions/support for the xorg/X11 windowing system
Tk (package)
WGL (package)
__init__ -- ctypes-based OpenGL wrapper for Python
arrays (package) -- Abstraction point for handling of data-pointers in OpenGL
constant -- Implementation of OpenGL constant objects
constants -- OpenGL-wide constant types (not OpenGL.GL-specific
contextdata -- Storage of per-context values of various types
converters -- Implementations for common converter types
error -- Implementation of OpenGL errors/exceptions
extensions -- Extension module support methods
finalisewrappers -- Function to finalise all wrappers in a given namespace (dictionary)
images -- Image/texture implementation code
logs -- Fix silly lack-of-API problems in logging module
platform (package) -- Abstraction for the platform-specific code in PyOpenGL
raw (package) -- C-style "raw" API for low-level ctypes-specific access to OpenGL
tests (package) -- Unittests for the OpenGL-ctypes project
version -- Declares the current version for use in setuptools and the like
wrapper -- The wrapping code for providing natural ctypes-based OpenGL interface

        __path__ = ['/var/pylive/src/OpenGL-dev/OpenGL-ctypes/OpenGL']